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14/04/2016 13:21
'Kicking Off' a book written by Sarah Shepard showing the changing face of women in sport is out and I have made a little contribution. However more importantly it's a wonderful read! SO guys and dolls pick your copy up from Amazon now 
05/01/2014 22:13
Following a recent feature in UltraFit Magazine, I will now be a featured columnist/contributor of the magazine
26/11/2013 22:11
Hey so you can now check out my online showreel link on youtube. It's full of cheesy smiles ;p
18/02/2013 01:57
Evelyn has now become English Champion in her weight category (u69) for another year lifting competition personal bests in the snatch, clean and jerk and a new PB total. 
22/10/2012 21:58
Adding another string to her bow, Evelyn takes up a presenting role on Argos TV, working with a great production team, tune in on Sky 642 or Freeview 55
22/10/2012 00:00
Evelyn is now a regular presenter on ArgosTV Sky 642 and Freeview 55
20/04/2012 00:00
This year Evelyn reyurned to The BDFPA British Championships in Glasgow to defend her title in the sub 70kg category and was succesful. Evelyn has now qualified for the World's in Boston this year and with the help of YORK is looking forward to it end of October with her eyes on Gold this time...
05/12/2011 17:53
Evelyn became a World Silver medallist (U70kg class) and all the time and dedication paid off in November 2011 with a new competition PB and best squat and best deadlift in her category x 
02/11/2011 16:37
28/10/2011 17:03
  Evelyn E. Stevenson   Height:  ...
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